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Headstock Shape: in line or split?

August 20, 2016

While our prior 7- and 8-string models were hugely popular, some players suggested a preference for a different format for the headstock. On past models, we used a 7-in-line and 8-in-line format. Now, we are considering putting the tuners are both sides of the headstock. That will mean a 4+3 layout for the 7-string and a 5+3 on the 8-string.

Which approach would you prefer? Scroll down to the poll below and VOTE for your favorite format! Even more ideas? Feel free to comment below.



More to say on the subject?? Comment below!


  • Αντώνης Γιαννούλης

    I think split looks a bit awkward with the tele headstock.

    • I agree. The Tele headstock doesn’t seem to lend itself well to a split like this. My two cents.

  • david

    I voted 7 in-line and 8 split. But all of these look better than the horrid 12 string Telecaster headstock.

  • Ryan Blohm

    Definitely like the natural inline 7

  • timbers_WSU

    I like the split personally. The seven and eight in-line look to much like Fender’s. The Vex and Hex head stocks look great.