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Which scale length is best?

August 23, 2016

There is some debate on the ideal scale length for 7 strings and for 8 strings. We would like to know what you prefer.

For 7 string model the three scale lengths that we hear most about are 24.75, 25.5, or 26.5. For 8 string the hot options are 26.5, 27, or 28. Which scale length would you prefer for either of these? Let us know buy completing the two survey questions below.

More topics are coming soon: Watch for the dialog on pickups, body wood and much more.

  • Any thoughts about multiscale necks? To be honest, the companies offering multiscale necks are the ones getting first looks from me as I consider purchasing my next 7-string.

  • Nick Denning

    I second the multiscale neck. 27 to 25.5 would be awesome!

  • Juraj

    One point for necks – definitely use some stable/stronger neck construction for extended ranges (3/5 pieces, carbon reinforcement rods).

  • bobleblah

    22 Frets please, 24.75