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Which Fingerboard Wood Is Best?

August 23, 2016

What fingerboard wood do you prefer on a bass? Below we list several common selections and some more exotic options. If you have others that you prefer or comments on the combinations of fingerboard wood with body wood or pickups please add that into the comments below. We do read and track every vote and every comment.

Up Next: We will be posting about pickup selection, electronic controls, body wood and much more. We hope you will chime in on the other topics currently live and coming in the future.

4 responses to “Which Fingerboard Wood Is Best?”

  1. I chose the rosewood fingerboard, although the wenge wood would be really nice also.
    Cost is always a big factor, but quality in the build is also most desirable to an electric bass player.

  2. Any idea what the neck thickness will be for 5 strings? I have small hands! Currently playing a 5 string Stingray that has a 1-3/4″ (44.5 mm) at nut 2-3/4″” (69.9 mm) at last fret.

    • Hi Ryan, we are still exploring all options. Your feedback on a preference for something smaller is well noted and really helpful, thanks

  3. Do you plan on offering 19 mm string-spacing on your 5-string basses? Will a fanned-fret/multi-scale 5/6-string bass be in your plans in the near future? The benefits are huge, in my experience playing them.

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