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27 Gifts for the Guitar Player in Your Life

December 3, 2015


Do you have a guitar player on your nice list this year? No? Is he or she on the naughty list instead? Yeah, we thought so. They still deserve more than coal in their stocking! 

We asked the product experts at our MK headquarters as well as our Facebook friends what they would like to see under the tree this year (other than a new Michael Kelly, of course).

Here are the items that guitar players everywhere requested again and again. Share this list with Santa and friends!


Storage and display

Guitar players often own multiple instruments and that creates a storage challenge. Here are three ideas to safely store your instrument and still keep them handy.

String Swing
String Swing makes a solid, reliable guitar hanger that keeps guitars accessible and on display. Your guitar is a work of art, right? Hang it up!
$31.99 for 3 see it

The Guitar Hanger
When you can’t put holes in your wall (we’re talking to you, apartment dwellers!) keep guitars safely hung in the closet with The Guitar Hanger.
$22.87 see it

Folding guitar stand
To keep instruments easily accessible, consider a handy folding floor stand. Great for home, band practice, and gigs!
$22.95 see it



Guitars need love just like their owners, especially in the cold winter months!  Help the player in your life keep their axe ready to go.

Our Facebook friends, Roy J. Snow and Preston Stedman, both suggested tool and maintenance kits. Here are three that are sure to please any player and any budget:

Ernie Ball Musician’s Tool Kit
$29.79 See it

CruzTools Stagehand Compact Tech Kit
$34.95 See it

Dunlop 6500 System 65 Guitar Maintenance Kit
$19.95 See it

Acoustic Guitar humidifier
Baby, it’s cold (and dry) outside! Okay, it’s probably cold and dry inside, too. Keep acoustic guitars happy with a humidifier.
Starting at $8.00 See it

Strings, strings, strings.
We heard it from our Facebook friends Kenny Snider Sr and J.P. Burns as well as many others. Guitar players always need strings! We ship our Michael Kellys with these D’Addarios. You can’t have too many!
$9.95 for 3 sets See it



Does your beloved guitar player play out regularly or even semi-regularly? Make that process easier with some of these tools of the trade.

iPad music stand adapters
Paper music? That’s so 2010. All the cool kids keep their music on tablets right on their music stand.
Starting at $29.99 See it

Alfred guitar stand & stool
Sometimes a player’s just gotta sit for that slow ballad. Here’s a stand and stool combo that folds right up.
$49.99 See it

Mono gig bags
What’s a gig without a gig bag? These are considered the premium gig bag. They offer protection like a case, but are lighter-weight and more compact.
Starting at $180 See it

George L cables
These are cool because it allows your guitar player to make their own cords, the exact size that they want. Custom cords for Christmas!
Parts starting at $28 See it

TC Electronic Ditto Looper pedal
These are really fun. Bring out the inner Ed Sheeran in your guitar player. 
Suggested by our Facebook friends Dave Sullivan and Mike Tierney
Starting at $81 See it

Ibanez TS9 or 808 Tube Screamer classic overdrive pedals
We love this re-issue of the original Tube Screamer. Distortion at its best!

$99.99 See it

Kyser Capo
What’s a capo? You don’t need to know because your guitar player already knows and needs several. These are the industry standards of capos! 

Starting at $13.32 See it


Gadgets and practice

Guitar players love gadgets and these will help expand their sound and enhance their practice time. Check out these tools and toys!

Speed Pro clip-on tuner
Clips on, tunes up. Easy!
$24.95 See it

iRig iPhone adapter
These are an easy, affordable way to connect to practice and recording apps.
$29.99 See it

Schaller strap locks
Great way to upgrade most any guitar. Locks the strap on, keeping the instrument safe when heavy rocking ensues. Suggested by Facebook friends Ali Mete, Graham Lister, and Jacob Galyean 

Starting at $13.75 See it

Intellitouch Capo Tuner
Who doesn’t love a good two-in-one gadget?  Get a tuner and capo in one handy item!
$22.59 See it

Innovative capo design for endless possibilities.
Spider Capo from
$29.95 See it

Because they ALWAYS need picks!
Take your pick of picks
Starting under $1 See it

Or they could just make their own picks! Careful, though, these things are addictive!
Pick-a-Palooza Pick punch
$22.95 See it


Toys and fantasy list

What do you get for the player who has everything?  Check out some of these creative choices we bet they don’t have.

Our friend, fantasy/custom guitar builder Stephen McSwain, teamed up with Starlingear for these incredible picks that can be drilled to be a pendant too!
McSwain Picks

$65 See it

Because… you know, it’s a drink holder.
Stagehand Drink Holder
$13.49 See it

Sometimes things are beautiful and functional.
OneFortyThree Modern design guitar hanger
$55 See it

For the ultimate in storage, maintenance, and convenience.
Starting at $950 See it

Incredibly beautiful wood handcrafted into a stand/stool combo.
Fillingham Guitar stand and stool (wood/custom)
$2700 See it

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