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Become a Quick Change Artist!

July 3, 2017

It always happens at the worst possible time — you break a string at a gig. What if you could radically shorten the time it takes to change your string? The Michael Kelly Zero Pin Bridge makes that possible.

“At Michael Kelly, our Boutique Within Reach commitment means that we are focused on players’ concerns and always striving to bring boutique-level features to players of every level,” says company founder, Tracy Hoeft. “The Zero Pin Bridge is a feature that is on every one of our acoustic guitars, making the inevitable string change as quick and easy as possible.” 

The Zero Pin Bridge allows players to change a string without tools and without the stress of losing or breaking pins. A quick slide into the specially-designed groove makes changing strings as easy as changing your socks! 

Originally developed in 2009, you’ll now find the Zero Pin Bridge on every Michael Kelly acoustic guitar. It’s just another way that Michael Kelly continues to bring you Boutique Within Reach.

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