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Body Shape: Choose from four favorites!

August 20, 2016

This project started with requests from consumers that we once again offer a 7- and 8- string in our 50s series. Of course, most extended range guitars on the market are more Super Strat influenced and our 60s series would fit that bill.

However, we want to give you the option of something different. Below you’ll see all of our body shapes. In which series would you like to see us eventually add a 7- and 8-string version? Scroll to the bottom and VOTE for your first and second choices in the survey! 




We want to keep hearing from you! There will be more polls and posts concerning other elements for our extended range line as well as our electric bass line!

More to say on the subject?? Comment below!

6 responses to “Body Shape: Choose from four favorites!”

  1. I love both of my M.K.Patriots.Great guitars,great price. A few requests: Could M.K.Guitars offer options such as solid maple tops,plain,birdseye,quilt and flame? Also,optional ebony and maple fretboards? This would be an option I would gladly pay for. Or perhaps a limited run with these options would be nice.

  2. Pardon me, truly, but I am sick of the ‘metal’ looking guitar. I mean, our own opinion of aesthetic is our own, however I truly enjoy classic looking guitars so I’ll have to say the 50’s for sure. So many other companies offer the usual look, it was the 50’s tele look that caught my attention.

  3. MKG 1953 BJW Maple Fretboard was delivered 04/25/2017 – great player at a great price as well; will probably go for a 1960’s model next; thanks MKG!

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