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New for 2017 Extended Range Guitars

7 and 8 String Collection

Based on prior input from players like you, we are developing an all-new collection of 7- and 8-string guitars in our 1950’s series. We have previously offered extended-range models and they were tremendously popular. We believe, however, that we can go further in refining these instruments to even better meet the needs of 7- and 8-string players. We are looking for your help in defining some key features. Please join the community and help us evolve these new models. Sign up for email notifications as new topics are added and you can chime in!

What pickups do you prefer?

September 3, 2016
There are many great options for pickups in our new 7 and 8 strings. We are working on a set of standard pickups and another set that we can offer as a “Mod Shop” option. For the standard pickups we are working on some new pickups with Rockfield. For the Mod Shop our friends at […]

What color options should we offer?

August 25, 2016
At Michael Kelly, we are proud to have a reputation for having great colors and finishes. In working on these new extended range models we are struggling to come...

Which fingerboard wood do you prefer?

August 24, 2016
What fingerboard wood do you prefer for your next extended range guitar? Below we list several common selections that would all work well. Is one of these your favorite?...

Which scale length is best?

There is some debate on the ideal scale length for 7 strings and for 8 strings. We would like to know what you prefer. For 7 string model the three scale lengths...