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Bass body: Modern or vintage?

August 20, 2016

There are many great shapes for solid body bass guitars. Over time, we want to explore many shapes, but are looking to start with one or two basic designs. Below we are sharing with you a few shapes and designs that we are considering. We would love your feedback. Do you like these? Which do you prefer? Any way that we can improve? What else would you like to see? VOTE and then use the comments below to let us know more.



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14 responses to “Bass body: Modern or vintage?”

  1. And I would agree with Dave Strong. I like the longer upper horn of the vintage, but I also like modern shapes and pickup designs.

  2. An important factor to consider when deciding on body shape is balance and controlling neck dive. Is the upper torn long enough to maintain balance? Yet, can we also keep the overall weight of the instrument down to say a 9.5 lb max?

    • John, agreed and we will continue to consider those points. Weight is something we are watching closely. Thanks for the input.

  3. I like the vintage look and feel as much as any player does but as you enter the market, having a design that is truly your own will make you stand out as an innovator.

  4. I think the modern design looks like it would have far more versatility. Whether playing funk, rock or even metal or punk I love the sound of a P-Bass but also the versatility of having two pickups to fine tune my sound.

  5. The modern design is awesome. The beveled edges and top wood looks incredible. With a satin or light polish finish, these basses will catch everyone’s attention. The hardware is the icing on the cake with the custom bridge, knobs, and pickups looking sleek and modern, but still fairly simply and classy.

  6. I am a bass player, heavily on the modern side. Your take looks great, especially the bridge is spot on! I’d buy one on the spot. However, modern players tend to prefer closer string spacing, yours looks too wide. If you also avoid head dive, you are golden!
    As for the electronics, I’d love Great 8 mod on this. Preferably with active coils on the neck side (not both outer like on 1950s). There’s just nothing like it!

  7. I’ve been on a hunt for short scale modern bass. There’s just nothing on the market, at any price point. Possibly Ibanez SRC6, but that’s a guitar rather than bass. Everything else is decidedly old fashioned.
    Consider, is there an market for it? Young players, women, guitarists… I know it would be great made by you.

  8. I agree with Jaroslav as far as a short-scale neck. That would set your instrument apart. Perhaps offer it as an option. I’d like an option for no markers on fingerboard, with only dot markers on the neck binding. I prefer minimum controls, like Timothy B. Schmidt’s Carvin signature model. The controls on your vintage model appear similar. I would advise you avoid the over elongated horns common on many inexpensive brands. The vintage design just looks more like a quality instrument.

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