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Help us choose a bass headstock!

August 20, 2016

As we develop our first-ever solid body basses, we want your input for the headstock design. We have a brand new design that we are considering. But, we also have a headstock design that we love on our popular acoustic basses, so naturally, those could be used on our new electric basses. We also came up with a more vintage-inspired design that we really like!

Below are a few ideas that we are considering. We would like your feedback on this important topic. Which do you prefer? Scroll to the bottom and VOTE and feel free to comment further.


More to add? Feel free to comment below!

10 responses to “Help us choose a bass headstock!”

  1. There is nothing wrong with the vintage look that so many players like but so many companies already use that. You want your own look if you want to stand out in the market place and on the stage. The “new design” to my eye is quite similar to the vintage design, just rounded off a bit. Of the three choices, I think the current Michael Kelly design offers a consistent look that links your company’s strong beginning with a solid future.

  2. The “new design” is the best in my opinion. So many companies use some variation of the “vintage design” and the “MK Design” looks great on all of the acoustic instruments. The new design gives the electric basses a bit more distinction from other guitar companies in this price range and complements the roundness of the body. If I were to make a suggestion, I would probably shift the tuners farther from the nut and place a singular string tree across all 5 strings. This would help keep the downward pressure equal across the whole headstock. The black hardware is definitely a keeper too. It gives the basses a modern and bolder design overall. I am looking forward to having one of these in my arsenal in the future. Great products!

  3. I like the “current” design, especially with the “modern” body style.
    The headstock should match the color of the body, though.
    PJ configuration would be my PU choice.

  4. Matt Gahr has a point. But angled headstock would avoid using string trees altogether, plus it’d keep the weight down. I own 1955 and 1965, and let’s face it, your straight headstock is too heavy. Which is fine for a guitar, but dealbreaker for bass.
    I suggest the new design, but angled and small like the current one. I can’t be alone on this.

  5. Slap that new design on a j bass inspired body with active humbuckers and a pretty looking maple cap and you’d have me sold.

  6. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the current design. There’s nothing really wrong with the new or vintage designs, but lets face it they’ve been done to death. Barely any basses use the 2×2 style, and frankly I’ve always liked the current designs (except for the fact that up until now they’ve always been attached to acoustic basses, which aren’t really my thing).

  7. Wow. I really like that new design. One thing, I’d make the logo more…… discreet, I guess? Maybe a more subtle logo, perhaps?

  8. I like the new design; but to stand out a bit, go with the 3+1 configuration similar to Stingray, Sterling, etc. It’s a slick look.

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