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Lightweight Guitar Survey

February 1, 2017

One thing we have heard repeatedly in our dialogues with our players is that there is a need for a lightweight¬†Michael Kelly. Here’s your chance to make your voice heard! Take our short poll about a lightweight model:

19 responses to “Lightweight Guitar Survey”

  1. I’ve never played a MK guitar, but having bought a lot of guitars sight unseen with a trial period, that doesn’t frighten me any more.

    Does anybody else have an MK? How’s the feel of the neck? What’s the tone like?

    • Hi Moose;

      I have a patriot decree..My best for these reasons.1. String Thru – Better sustain, better Tone. EVERY LP Model should be this way. Cheaper and much better than TOM.. 2. Great PUP’s. This is their cheapest Patriot and I can not imagine a better sounding LP guitar. I have done Y-cable comparisons with the most expensive Gibson LP’s…The Patriot is as good/better than all of them. IMO. 3. Balance and Neck..Both are great “for Me”…Hope this helps..

    • hey mooseboy08, I am 57 yrs old so I been around the block. Own a LP. Strat, 3 Teles, # Taylor acoustics, breedlove 12, and a slew of others. Not to impress you, but to impress upon you that I been doing this a long time. I tried my 1st MK at a local music store. The lady told me “voted best guitar under $500 at the NAMM show”. I was intrigued. Tried it out and loved it. I now own 3. Patriot Blue Faded Patriot Hybrid and my newest Go TO gigging guitar 55 (like the quilted maple yellow, maple neck tied to the balloons on the page’s top. I love them. great axes. Check out the electronics on the 55. You wont be disappointed my friend!

    • I bought a Patriot Custom when they first came out. Love that guitar! Plays great, sounds great, feels great! Total win! When I opened the control cavity, I was so impressed with how clean it was. All the wires were even nicely bunched up with a zip tie. Great attention to detail. Ive had many guitars (some much more pricey) and had to sell many due to financial troubles, but Ill always keep the Patriot as it gives me all I need.

    • Hey Mooseboy08 first off you have a great You Tube channel and your band is super tight. GREAT MUSIC. I love my Patriot with the Bare knuckle Mules. It is the most comfortable single cut away I’ve ever played. I believe it is because of the neck profile. The tone is amazing. It is very versatile.

      • Hey Sean, thanks for the reply and the nice comments. You can tell that we love doing what we do, I hope!

    • I have 3, once I had 4, one was an Amber stained dragonfly neck 4 string bass that I sold at my price to my favorite bass player, when I needed the money, so it’s worth that price used. They are all great guitars, I have had some setbacks with issues unforeseen. Could be just the luck of the draw. I like them my rosewood acoustic sounds every bit as good as Martin. The natural wood Quilted Maple 12 string I love but I had to have the bridge remounted. Something the repair guy said was happening a lot this year. My Custom Patriot has Hetfield Pickups, and as my friend told me it was like it was made, and possessed by an 0ld soul guitarist who blessed it. Plus it comes with my name on it, no extra charge to me. I could be biased, but I have nothing to do with the manufacture. Even the symbol is close to my initials that I use.

    • The Patriots appear to be getting a lot of love on these replies! Thanks everybody, I think I’ll take a deeper dive into looking at these.

  2. Always wanted this one with mini humbucker. They have such a great flavor of sound with a bit higher end than full size hb.

  3. I have a Patriot Decree…My #1 AX…They should make a Les Paul Less+ Model. I have one of those 2. It is a great LP, with a body about the same weight as a Strat…Take a look, very good idea MK..

  4. As heavy as a Les Paul is nothing says swagger and “I want to be Jimmy Page” like one! Always have a few different style guitars to gig with!

  5. If they can hollow out the body, but keep the center block (like the fiberglass res-o-glass and the old airlines) the weight will be super low but the sustain would be changed minimally.
    Center block and neck thru would be optimal.
    Of course, some active pickups or high output passive a would be a smart move.
    I’d like to see one with a tremolo setup. Maybe not a Bigsby 5, but something similar for the surf enthusiast and David Gilmour fan in all of us.
    The patriot body would be my first choice for body style, but a strat-style would be awesome, too.

  6. I have a Patriot Decree and I like it a lot except that it is god damn heavy. Ever since I start getting back problem, I have to put it down. Very glad to know that MK is considering making one. Currently almost no builder make quality and affordable solid body light weight guitars. I hope this one will be a solid body one since MK has some hollow/hybrid body guitars already. Balance and feel are most critical for light weight guitars.

  7. Make a Patriot light version and we could call it “Lighten up Francis Scott Key”
    O say can you see that badass Guitar?