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Michael Kelly Guitars’ New Year’s Resolutions – 2016

December 30, 2015


We resolve to…

New Year’s resolutions. You love ‘em, you hate ‘em, you make ‘em, you break ‘em. With a historic year at Michael Kelly now in the rearview mirror, I thought it was a good time to let our loyal players know what we as a company are resolving to do in 2016. Some of these are new goals and some are expansions on already-held company values.

Become the most personally-connected guitar brand in the world
A guitar brand should not just be a logo on the headstock. I resolve to increase our connectivity to MK owners. I want you to benefit from the expertise and enthusiasm available from the entire Michael Kelly team. I want our customers to be able to reach a real, human team member at Michael Kelly. We want to accomplish this through email, live chat, social media, good old telephones, carrier pigeon, smoke signals… whatever it takes and for whatever you need.

Continue to evolve and refine our customer support
We want your interactions with us to be increasingly seamless, simple, and always satisfying. When a mistake happens, we aim to resolve it quickly and fully. From production line to your first strum, our goal is to put you first in everything we do.

Build the products you want
We at Michael Kelly are committed to building the relevant instruments our customers want at prices they can afford. In 2016, we aim to bring you unique guitars with both innovative and favorite features, specially sourced woods, and the body shapes you love. We will also be adding even more Mod Shop features and unique finishes to truly bring you boutique within reach!

Expand our partnerships
Your response to our partnerships in 2015 was overwhelming! We are so thankful to TV Jones, Lindy Fralin, and Rick Turner for the collaborations to make instruments our customers were excited about. We are proud to announce that we will continue those partnerships in 2016. Also, be watching for an expanded arrangement with Seymour Duncan and a new partnership with our friends from across the pond, Bare Knuckles Pickups.

Continue to expand our showcase dealer network, but carefully
In 2015, we started a new way of selling Michael Kelly with a very particular process of selecting showcase dealers. We aim to continue that process very carefully in 2016. We want to expand the reach of MK with dealers who love Michael Kelly, understand it, and want to treat our customers the way we do.

2015 was a milestone year for Michael Kelly Guitars. As the company’s original founder, I feel a great responsibility to the many guitarists around the world who have played MK over the last 15 years. I believe that Michael Kelly Guitars can be something really special and I want you to be part of that. Technology allows us to be closer to our players and to use that access to learn how to better serve your needs. I and the entire team at Michael Kelly Guitars look forward to a great 2016. Happy New Year!!


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