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Michael Kelly Triad 10E acoustic named to Premier Guitar’s “Premier Gear” list

October 19, 2015


Michael Kelly Guitars is proud to have our Triad 10E acoustic named to Premier Guitar’s “Premier Gear” list. The Triad 10E is the marriage of our customers’ desire for a 12-string sound with Michael Kelly’s commitment to providing boutique-level instruments at a price that is within reach.

“When developing the 10-string Triad 10E,” explains company founder Tracy Hoeft, “we set out to give players a greatly-improved alternative to a 12-string. Sonically, a 12-string provides something special that players want in their arsenal, but typically they are full of compromises.”

“We found the best 12-string that Michael Kelly could produce was actually a 10-string.”

Premier Guitar reviewer Adam Perlmutter stated, “Michael Kelly streamlines the 12-string concept, delivering dazzlingly complex sounds at an attractive price.”

Michael Kelly’s own guitar expert, Tim Keyes, adds, “The guitar world has been asking for an acoustic 10-string guitar for some time and as far as I know, we’re the first to deliver.”

Why is less actually more with the Triad 10E?  “Dropping the octave low E and A strings not only added clarity to the low end of the guitar, it allowed us to shorten the headstock and lessen the tension on the bridge,” Tim explained.

The improvement of playability over traditional 12-strings is what players of the Triad 10E will notice. It’s what PG’s Perlmutter noticed too, “Thanks to a shallow, C-shaped neck profile and low action, the Triad 10E can make you forget you’re playing a 10-string. You barely notice any extra fretting and picking difficulty despite the extra strings.”

“We are especially thrilled that the reviewers at Premier Guitar really got it. They picked up on the important impact of our seemingly small design changes.  We are thrilled to have been awarded their Premier Gear award,” Tracy adds.

Read Premier Guitar‘s full review of the Triad 10E here.
You can read more about the Triad 10E and order one here.

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