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New Michael Kelly Guitars for 2017!

January 31, 2017

At the beginning of 2017, we introduced our biggest-ever lineup of new products, finishes, and mods this year. Read all about the newest members of the Michael Kelly Guitars family!

Electric Bass line
After more than a year of obsessing, testing, and tweaking, we are beyond happy to introduce the first members of the Michael Kelly electric bass line, the Custom Collection Element 4 and Custom Collection Element 5! Both feature the MK Stealth Attack Bridge System, excellent user customization potential using the onboard controls, and our newly-developed Element Active Circuit that has been carefully tweaked to provide a modern sonic profile. These performance features are topped off with exotic wood finishes in zebra burst, buckeye burl, and striped ebony.

Three Brand New Acoustics
You’ve come to expect value and performance from us and we wanted the newest members of our Michael Kelly acoustic guitar family to keep that same DNA. Our three newest acoustics each enrich the family line with features and looks we’ve never offered before!

Forte Exotic JE

Expanding on our popular, value-packed Forte Port, the Forte Exotic JE brings the striking appearance of the offset soundhole and doubles down with a Java Ebony top and satin finish. Want to plug it in? No problem. The Forte Exotic JE includes a complete Fishman system.

Koa Special
Flamed Koa is one of those exotic woods that acoustic players have always fancied. After hearing requests from so many of you for a model using this wood, we decided to build an acoustic to especially enhance the qualities of koa, the Michael Kelly Koa Special. We chose a grand auditorium body to give you a little larger sound chamber while retaining the comfort of a cutaway. The hickory sunset finish is unique in the MK line and is complemented by gold hardware. Of course, you still get the side soundport that acts like a personal monitor.

3D Grand Auditorium
The 3D Grand Auditorium was developed with a total focus on sound. Each specification was selected and refined with the goal to give you a big and booming acoustic specifically to deliver a tone that is typically only found in vintage instruments that have had years to cure and be played-in. The 3D gives you that performance from day one.

The name “3D” is a nod to the three features that really distinguish this instrument:
#1- The torrefaction on the solid spruce top, a process designed to age the top to perform like a vintage acoustic guitar.
#2- The addition of a slight arch in the back to help direct and project the instrument’s tone
#3- The side-positioned sound port, that acts like a personal monitor

The 3D also has integrated active-electronics, made by Fishman along with a stunning java ebony back and sides to build upon its core design features. We can’t wait for you to get your hands on this 3D!

Extended Range GuitarsThe Michael Kelly 507 7-string
The 507 7-string, nearly two years in the making, is the best 7-string that we have ever produced. Every detail was considered based on the specific needs and preferences of 7 string players. We reshaped the body, neckjoint, neck, and pickup selection all to follow the feedback that we gathered from players.

The 507 features a new fast-comfort neck profile carved into a 5-piece neck. We selected a multi-ply maple and walnut neck for added rigidity, stability and resonance. The 507 is equipped with specially-voiced Rockfield pickups. We expanded their tone options with our Great 8 wiring mod, giving you 8 great tone settings.

The 507 is available in either a burled maple top or with a striped ebony top option. Two great looks, both with the same great tone and performance.

The Michael Kelly 508 8-string
We focused on building something special just for the demands of 8 string players, not just a 6-string with two strings added. Each detail was driven by the input we got from our MK players community.

The 508 features a new fast-comfort neck profile carved into a 5-piece neck. We selected a multi-ply maple and walnut neck for added rigidity, stability, and resonance. The 508 is equipped with specially-voiced Rockfield pickups and we expanded their tone options with our Great 8 wiring mod, that gives you 8 great tone settings.

Hybrid Special 10th Anniversary
We introduced the Hybrid Special version of our Hybrid family of instruments in 2007. It was an instant hit and has remained one of our most in-demand instruments for an entire decade.

A quick change artist, the Hybrid Special allows a player to morph from a versatile electric guitar tone to a rich acoustic guitar tone with the flip of a switch.

To celebrate this important anniversary, we have created a limited edition anniversary model. The upgrades include gold hardware and feature a new burl maple top and a sunburst finish perfected for that exotic wood. This Hybrid Special 10th Anniversary is an instrument that you will not want to miss.

Mod Shop 55 Duncan
New for 2017, we are offering the Mod Shop 55 Duncan in our popular Blue Jean Wash. The 1955 remains on of the top selling guitars in the Michael Kelly product line. Players love the sonic versatility that it delivers and the modern features that make it fun to play.

This Mod Shop version is a collaboration with Seymour Duncan. We worked to find the right pickups to best leverage all the sonic potential of the ’55. Our Mod Shop crew carefully installs a Seymour Duncan Stag Mag in the bridge and a potent Seymourized Mini-Humbucker in the neck. Both can be coil-tapped using the two push-pull pots to access a more vintage-inspired single-coil tone.

CC50 Evolution Ebony
New for 2017, our collaboration with Fishman® on the CC50 Evolution is now offered in our wildly popular Striped Ebony top. Noiseless, vintage tone — that combination is the Holy Grail. It has been elusive, until now!

Thanks to the innovation by Fishman® in their Fluence® pickups, you get that potent combo on our 50 Evolution. Select from two sonic voices using the push-push button. We combined this with a classic alder body topped by a striped ebony top. Upgrades include a vintage-style bridge with brass saddles, high-ratio Kluson tuners, and much more.

Turner S6 Flame
Developed in collaboration with famed luthier Rick Turner, the S6 is the ideal stage acoustic for electric players. The S6 Flame version has been upgraded with a flame maple top and available in a great looking gloss natural. Designed to work well in high volume playing environments, the S6 steel string produces an amazing acoustic tone with all of the dynamics and percussive performance that you would expect in a high end acoustic.

The Michael Kelly Guitars team is really excited about 2017! We look forward to serving our MK players in any way that we can! Contact us for more information on these or any of our Michael Kelly Guitar products. And, be watching our social media accounts for news of more innovations to come this year.

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