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New Michael Kelly Guitars for 2021

February 2, 2021

It’s the beginning of 2021, and we are very excited to introduce one of our biggest lineups of new instruments. Read all about the newest members of the Michael Kelly Guitars family! 

Patriot Decree OP/ Patriot Decree Standard 

The Patriot Decree is still one of the most popular arch top single cutaways on the market and we have added six new models to the line.

These newly-designed instruments include Patriot Decree OP (open pore) models in beautiful Faded Black, Faded Black Lefty, Red and Tobacco Burst. Their unique open pore texture and extra thin satin finish enhances the resonance without interfering with the sustain and bold tone of the instrument. The tone is front and center with two PAF-Plus humbuckers delivering a rich and deep sound without any unwanted noise. The Great 8 Mod provides eight different pickup combinations for endless tonal shaping. Two push-pull tone knobs can each disengage one of the humbucker’s coils, giving the option of a single-coil sound in each pickup position to expand your tonal palette. Combine that with a 3-way selector switch and you can flip from super clean tones to thick and driving sounds in an instant.

patriot decree product page

We have also added two new Patriot Decree Standard models in classic Gloss Black and Gloss White finishes. The Patriot Decree Standard is a single cutaway instrument that offers the very best in contemporary and classic guitar sound. Internal chambering provides a warm tone and also decreases the overall weight of the instrument, reducing player fatigue. The guitars are equipped with two Rockfield® PAF humbuckers and a three-way selector switch. Patriot Decree Standard brings together classic styling, tremendous tone, outstanding electronics and extended comfort in a versatile instrument for any player.

patriot standard product page

Hybrid Special with exotic Ziricote wood

We are excited to introduce a new Hybrid Special electric/acoustic guitar with an exotic Ziricote wood top to the Hybrid series. This lightweight instrument, with its chambered mahogany body, provides warm and natural acoustic tones in addition to an array of electric sounds. Hybrid Special guitars are equipped with two Rockfield SWC humbucker pickups with push/pull coil split, for dialing up everything from super clean twang tones to thick driving sounds. A Fishman® under-saddle pickup and Fishman Powerchip preamp, in combination with the chambered semi-hollow body, deliver authentic acoustic tone that can be blended with the electric pickups for endless sonic options. The Hybrid Special Ziricote is available for sale now.

hybrid special product page

Forte Port 12 Randy Jackson of Zebra Signature

When we first set out to make our first 12-string acoustic guitar, we knew it had to be very special. And we thought of no one better than Randy Jackson to be involved in the development and design. The finished product is the new Forte Port 12 Randy Jackson of Zebra Signature acoustic/electric guitar. Exotic ziricote wood combined with a natural gloss finish, mother-of-pearl inlays and a Forte Celtic knot provide the guitar’s distinctive look. The Forte Port 12 includes our unique offset sound hole which creates a larger resonant area under the strings for improved depth, accuracy and tone, and the side-mounted soundhole allows you to hear sound coming directly from the body of the instrument. A Fishman® Sonicore pickup and Fishman Presys 1 preamp deliver flawless sound for stage and studio work. This instrument is a must have for 12-string players.

forte port product page

59 Thinline 

Fans of our 1950s guitars will love the look and sound of our new 59 Thinline single cutaway semi-hollow electric guitar. Two Rockfield® P90 pickups provide a detailed mid-range with a warm bass response for a punchy tone. The 59 Thinline can dial in everything from a traditional single coil twang or a thick overdriven tone. Models come in in beautiful Spalted Maple and Gloss Black finishes and are available for sale now.


59 thinline product page

Element 4-string and 5-string Open Pore Bass Guitars

With the tremendous response to our OP (open pore) finish guitars, we are excited to introduce new Element 4OP 4-string and Element 5OP 5-string open pore bass guitars to our lineup. Element OP basses are equipped with two Rockfield single coil pickups, matched up with a 2-band EQ & active preamp. A push-pull knob bypasses the preamp and puts out a traditional passive tone. Between its gorgeous visuals and pristine low-end punch, these Element basses will be your go-to instruments onstage, at practice or in the studio. Each of the four-string and five-string models are available in breathtaking Trans Red and Trans Yellow open pore finishes and are available now.

element 5 op product page


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