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Electric Basses

In our 15 year history, we have had a great relationship with bass players thanks largely to our top-selling line of acoustic basses. We, however, have never offered a full collection of solid body electric basses. We are excited to announce that we are developing electric basses and plan to officially introduce them in early 2017. Here on MK Players' Voice, we want to invite you to help guide us in our development. We want to hear from real players on what matters to them and use that input to define the line. Will you help us? Please join the community. We will be posting a number of topics and seeking your input via quick polls and community comments. Please join the MK bass guitar development group and sign up for email notifications.

7 String Guitar
Michael Kelly Player's Voice

New for 2017 Extended Range Guitars

7 and 8 String Collection

Based on prior input from players like you, we are developing an all-new collection of 7- and 8-string guitars in our 1950’s series. We have previously offered extended-range models and they were tremendously popular. We believe, however, that we can go further in refining these instruments to even better meet the needs of 7- and 8-string players. We are looking for your help in defining some key features. Please join the community and help us evolve these new models. Sign up for email notifications as new topics are added and you can chime in!