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What colors should we offer on our new basses?

August 25, 2016

We have worked hard to offer some bold and interesting colors in the Michael Kelly product line. For these new basses, we are considering several top MK colors as well as some new colors and looks.

Below you will see illustrations of several colors that we are considering. Which one would you prefer on your next bass guitar?  Scroll down below the color samples to see an opportunity to vote in the poll for your 1st and 2nd choices.


Lots of great options right? Please tell us your two favorites using the survey questions below. And leave a comment if there’s another option you’d like to see!

6 responses to “What colors should we offer on our new basses?”

  1. Fade and would be so gorgeous with a maple board! But that might be too old school for most people.

  2. imo partial eclipse and blue fade looks like a good option.
    its only beacuse the buckeye burl color is dyed in yellow color, and it didnt meet my expectation. sadly tho.
    what happened to the wood? i was expecting natural buckeye burl with cream/black color combination

    • Izukun that is natural Buckeye Burl, no coloration at all. Like any wood there are lots of variations. If we offer that wood in production you will see different shades and patterns.

      • Ah then it was just cream color part only eh
        I hope to see some more shades. if i like it, im ready to buy 😀

  3. From my picture (until it changes in the future), you can see I’m into violin bursts as is the case on my custom Yamaha. I also like the PRS styles with the stripes.

    Two questions. 1) What type of pickups do you use? 2) On your five-strings, is the string spacing like Fender and Yamaha or more narrow like Ibanez, Schecter, etc.?