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What is the best body wood for a bass?

August 24, 2016

As we develop these new models we want to be very careful to select the best body wood. Since we are considering two types of basses we might even use a few different types of wood. Below we list a few that are common woods and others that we are considering. Please tell us which you prefer. We have also added an additional question about one hot topic that we are hearing about and that is weight. We want to know how important weight is to you. Also if you have a target weight please tell us that specific weight in the comments.


One response to “What is the best body wood for a bass?”

  1. I have a couple of heavy basses and a couple of lighter models too. All MIJ. My favourite is a maple / maple Marcus Miller jazz with sustain forever, but the goto bass is an old Ibanez TR series with factory EMG P J pickups. That thing is a beast

    I have one crazy request. 25 frets on the G string please. I have a Tune with a hipshot D tuner and 25 frets. The 25th fret gives you a G#, so you can play an E7 with the open E, and a D (Dom 7) on the 24th fret and G# (Maj 3) on the 25th fret.

    I haven’t seen any others like it.