Become a Quick Change Artist!

July 3, 2017

It always happens at the worst possible time — you break a string at a gig. What if you could radically shorten the time it takes to change your string? The Michael Kelly Zero Pin Bridge makes that possible. “At Michael Kelly, our Boutique Within Reach commitment means that we are focused on players’ concerns […]

Lightweight Guitar Survey

February 1, 2017
One thing we have heard repeatedly in our dialogues with our players is that there is a need for a lightweight Michael Kelly. Here’s your chance to make your...

New Michael Kelly Guitars for 2017!

January 31, 2017
At the beginning of 2017, we introduced our biggest-ever lineup of new products, finishes, and mods this year. Read all about the newest members of the Michael...

Which MK acoustic is right for you?

December 1, 2016
MK players love our award-winning acoustics so much! How can you decide between them? Take our fun, not-so-scientific quiz to see which one is right for you!

Players’ Voice

August 22, 2016
At Michael Kelly, we greatly value our close personal relationship with the people who play our instruments. Since our founding, the input from real world guitarists...

New for 2017 – Electric Basses

In our 15 year history, we have had a great relationship with bass players thanks largely to our top-selling line of acoustic basses. We, however, have never offered...