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What pickups do you prefer?

September 3, 2016

There are many great options for pickups in our new 7 and 8 strings. We are working on a set of standard pickups and another set that we can offer as a “Mod Shop” option. For the standard pickups we are working on some new pickups with Rockfield. For the Mod Shop our friends at Seymour Duncan suggested two great combinations. We recruited our intern Mike to lay down some tracks on one of the proto-type 7 strings. Below you will find 4 soundfiles for each of the pickup options that we are considering. We did two clean and two with a little dirt to give you an idea of the performance in several different settings and sound selections.  Which is your favorite? Please have a listen.


Rockfield Mafia Super 7 Pickups


Seymour Duncan Nazgul Bridge and Sentient Neck Pickup Set


Full Shred Bridge (SH-10B 7), Full Shred Neck (SH-10N 7)


Give us your feedback using the poll below, but also give us your thoughts in the comments. If there is something specific you are seeking sonically or another pickup you think we should consider as a Mod Shop option please add that there.


2 responses to “What pickups do you prefer?”

  1. Full Shred for me – the sound of Nazgul/Sentient combination is maybe fuller but I prefer Full Shred better in the mix.

  2. Nazgul/sentient are really great, but probably the Pegasus could offer more versatility. I own both and I persannaly find that Pegasus has a very large and articulated range than the Nazgul, which is more aggressive. In any case, that’s a good choice :).
    Unfortunately, the SD Alpha and Omega are too new.